All prints available on this site are made with archival quality ink and paper, and are signed by the photographer either in the white margin of the photo itself or on the mat. I make every print myself, and adhere to extremely high quality standards. For prints larger than those available on the site, see Image Licensing below.


Image Licensing:

 Every image on this site is available as a high-resolution digital file as well as in print form. Whether it’s for use in an advertising campaign, to make a poster-sized print for your home, or for any other reason, I can create a license that will work for your purposes.

Private Tours:

 If you really have a desire to improve your work, the best method is always one-on-one instruction, and I’m capable of working with both beginners and more experienced photographers alike. Although i’m knowledgeable about most aspects of photography, the areas where I have the most to teach are macro and landscape. Currently, I live near Eugene, Oregon and am willing to travel an hour or two to meet with you. These tours are not always available, as I am a full time wildland firefighter in the summer and take photographic trips throughout the year, but i’ll meet with you as soon as I can.  Please contact me for more details.