Thomas Haney was the fifth generation of his family born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and lived in Austin, Tx until graduating from high school at 18.  From there he went to college in Arizona, and lived out west for the next ten years in several different states, working as a carpenter, salmon gilnetter, Hotshot Firefighter, and Smokejumper.  Currently he spends summers at the West Yellowstone Smokejumping Base on the edge of Yellowstone National Park, and winters in Virginia with his wife Erin.

His photography career began at 15, and was born out of a strong love of the natural world.  Entirely self-taught, he’s never taken a photography course or had a teacher, yet his work has won awards in many of the top wildlife photography competitions in the world, and has been displayed in the Natural History Museum of London, and the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.